Cineworld Glasgow, 05.10.11 Warrior, from director Gavin O'Connor, is essentially an amalgamation of Rocky films, and any number of other boxing movies, but transported into the modern world of Mixed Marshall Art cage fighting.  Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy), is an ex-military soldier returning to the US, who turns to his father, Paddy (Nick Nolte) for help to train … Continue reading WARRIOR


Cineworld Glasgow, 05.10.11 Those of us of the right age to have been a teenager in the 1990's hold a certain soft spot for Kevin Smith.  With the grainy, self-funded, low-budget Clerks (1994), Smith found a unique brand of humour that connected with a generation of film-goers crying out for smart, well written comedy that spoke about the world that … Continue reading RED STATE


Cineworld Glasgow, 30.09.11 There's something determinedly old-fashioned about The Debt, the new film from director John Madden, not only the style with which Madden handles his drama and action sequences and the grainy, grey sheen given to the scenes set in East Berlin during the Cold War, but in the very story itself. In the … Continue reading THE DEBT


Cineworld Glasgow, 04.10.11 Lars Von Trier certainly divides opinion. Love his films, or hate them, there is no middle ground. After his infamous Cannes press conference, where he was supposed to be discussing his latest major film, Melancholia, but instead got caught discussing Nazism and sympathising with Hitler (it was all a misunderstood joke), the same … Continue reading MELANCHOLIA