The Director of the Institute walked Peter along an endless sterile corridor. 'So, Mr. Franks, when you choose your time to arrive here, you'll get a secure shuttered unit assigned to you.' The Director informed him. 'So behind each of these shutters...?' Peter tailed off. The Director smiled. 'Yes, behind each of these doors there … Continue reading CRYONICS


'Ta-da!' announced Agnes, throwing her arms open wide, 'what do you think?' Archie stared at the array of lights hanging vertically from the ceiling, above the grand staircase. 'What the...?' he stared open-mouthed. 'Isn't it marvellous?' gushed Agnes, oblivious to Archie's response. 'It''s...very big.' 'Over a thousand individual lights.' 'Well, if it's what you want.' … Continue reading CHANDELIER


Mark met Bob from Accounting at the bottom of the stairs. 'Another Monday morning,' said Bob, as they began the trudge up to the office. Mark grunted in reply. Bob began every Monday with the same conversation. 'Don't you ever feel like we're hamsters in a wheel, going round and round and getting nowhere?' Bob continued. 'There … Continue reading THE WRITER’S SPIRAL


George found Nick next to the old fountain in the garden after everyone from the wake had drifted away. 'Remember when we used to splash in the water round this,' George said. 'It belongs to you now, along with all this,' George gestured to the large gardens and the manor house behind them. Nick patted the … Continue reading DURING THE WAR