An oil tanker spotted the small sailboat drifting across the shipping channels. The captain attempted to hail them with no response. The coastguard were scrambled to intercept. I got the call just as I was sitting down to dinner. Two hours later the sailboat was tethered to the coastguard cutter, five nautical miles from the … Continue reading REFUGEES

Interview with the Television Editor.

I have had the delightful / surreal experience of being interviewed about my writing experiences and self-publishing my first book by some hamsters... You can read the results below. Many thanks to Shehanne for taking the time and constantly being supportive. You can visit her varied and entertaining blog here


Tam stumbled out the pub into his car. 'Off home then, Meg,' he patted the grey metal, named after the horse she had replaced. After several attempts he managed to crank the engine into life and got behind the wheel. He weaved drunkenly along the single track road. As he passed the old church and … Continue reading TAM, IN HONOUR OF RABBIE BURNS