'When did it become fashionable for the French not to serve coffee in a china teacup and saucer?' Madame Beaumont said, loud enough to ensure the maitre d' would hear. 'Mother,' Alice chided. 'You shall have to get used to it once I have married Jacques.' 'Alice, once you have married Jacques we shall no longer … Continue reading POIROT’S COFFEE AT DEAUVILLE


Chavy watched the dusty streets of Phnom Penh gradually fade away behind him. The  brown water of the Mekong river disappeared to the east while the bus headed north. The roads changed from tarmac to dust. The buildings from stone to wood. The beggars remained regardless. The bus stopped. 'Checkpoint,' the young white man next … Continue reading INFORMANT


The black leather gleamed. It had taken a lot of scrubbing and polishing to restore them to this state. The nest of spiders in the toe of the right shoe was a nasty surprise. They slipped onto the withered feet with ease. 'Why the old shoes?' the undertaker's assistant asked. 'Family request. Apparently they were … Continue reading GRANDPA’S LUCKY SHOES