On the wall hung the cracked television they couldn't watch because there was no electricity. The kitchen had an old cooker and refrigerator but without power they were merely  metal cupboards. And now this. 'What do you think? Our new bathroom suite.' 'Where did you get them from?' 'Found them. Minor defects but perfectly intact. … Continue reading SURVIVING THE APOCALYPSE


The hard grit made for an uncomfortable place to lie. He stared through the binoculars, searching for any sign of movement. Midnight came and went. Dread crept over Phillips. The double agent, codename Grasshopper, had been a high-valued source in Stasi headquarters for over ten years. When the flash red signal was received, it was … Continue reading GRASSHOPPER


Titus Valerius looked out over the grey water of the Adriatic Sea. The view was as bleak as his prospects. It had been a year since he had seen Rome and his beloved Domitilla. When he had joined the army he had dreamed of travelling the world, amassing victories and returning home triumphant. With the … Continue reading PRELUDE TO BATTLE