Archie stared at the gift, torn wrapping paper all round. It looked like several bicycles had crashed into each other, a mangled frame with wheels of various sizes attached to it. 'Wow, that's... interesting.' 'Do you like it?' Agnes smiled at him. 'What is it?' Agnes frowned. 'A puncture repair station. You're too old to … Continue reading NOT WHAT I ASKED FOR


The overnight snowfall showed no sign of melting. He gave up any thought of his daily walk to the local shop, then remembered it would be closed anyway. A white Christmas would have made her happy. He sat back in his armchair. On the radio they were playing the classic Christmas songs. The lights on … Continue reading CHRISTMAS WITHOUT HER


After the suicide season over Christmas, when the lack of daylight drove depression rates soaring, the thawing of the winter snow was always the next busiest time of year. Anders Sand had already cleared two cases in the past week, bodies unearthed from the retreating white blanket: one a climber who had been missing for … Continue reading THE THAW


Herbert smoothed his tie, straightening the silver clip. He cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses. His audience were several generations younger than he was, dressed in the fashion of the day - casual, loose, untidy. They viewed the old guest lecturer with boredom. They stared at him from behind laptops and tablets, their faces lit … Continue reading THE OLD DINOSAUR