The town hall meeting had turned ugly. Councillor Lewisham tried vainly to placate the natives. 'If you could let me explain. There's prohibitive cost involved as well as environmental regulations.' 'Rubbish!' 'The trees are a danger. One more storm and they'll fall right on my house.' 'Typical politician, all talk. Regulation this, regulation that.' 'Why … Continue reading STUMPED


'Lot 191, 'The Homecoming' by H.L. Pritchard.' 'This sculpture in the classic Greek style, dating from 1918-19, in bronze. It depicts the artist being held in the arms of her fiancé, Private Graham Colquhoun.' 'Ms. Pritchard was inspired to create this work after watching soldiers returning from the First World War being greeted by wives, fiancées … Continue reading THE AUCTION


Charging through the branches, leaping over roots and bushes, sliding down muddy embankments. Frankie loved the woods behind the playing fields. Lost in a world of her own she had been many things: knights, outlaws, monsters, animals. Here she had space to let her imagination flourish. As the sun began to set the woods took … Continue reading AWAKENING IN THE WOODS