School holidays were the worst. It meant they would be back from their boarding schools and he wouldn't get a moments peace. All he wanted to do was laze about in the summer sunshine, perhaps a walk along the beach. Instead they would insist on dragging him on some silly adventure. Julian was the real … Continue reading THE FAMOUS FIVE… AGAIN


Trudging through the cold night, the last remnants of the winter snow on the ground, she finally saw the lights glowing from the windows ahead. Above her the familiar turrets of the castle loomed. Four years since she had been taken by the crusaders. How she had changed since then, no longer the innocent thirteen … Continue reading THE TURRETS OF HOME


'Sammy,' he shouted now, more desperate. Other parents stared, two or three came over to him, looking concerned, willing to help. He tried to explain to them, his words were shrill and panicked, 'He was right here, right here, at the slide, I had his hand, and then I turned for a second and he … Continue reading THE DAILY POST: DISAPPEAR