Ebb and flow, waving goodbye, waving hello. So the sea goes, ceaselessly. Old feet on fresh sand. The water no longer running red. Memories crashing inside his head like waves on the shore. Creaking knees bend, arthritic hands dig into the ground. One old tear trickles down weathered skin. He will never visit again. He … Continue reading THE LAST VETERAN


He scanned the musical notes on the page, hearing the flowing melody in his mind, the various sections of the orchestra taking the lead as his concerto ebbed and flowed, rose and fell, insisted and reserved. Reaching the thunderous crescendo, he took the standing ovation. He glanced at the clock. Five minutes until the client … Continue reading MINOR CONCERTO


Day Twenty-Two: Today we climbed to the peak above our valley and staked our flag. We had an official ceremony with just original the founders of the New State of America. Later we joined the others building the wall around our border. We don't want to build barriers, but we have to do something to … Continue reading THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE


Fabrizzio heaved the extra crate onto the roof and tied it down, next to his regular cargo of fresh seafood. Tourists had already begun to emerge into the Venetian dawn, among the bustle of barges delivering and collecting goods along the canal. He motored slowly along the narrow passages until he emerged into the lagoon. … Continue reading NO QUESTIONS ASKED