'You see this?' he asked the captain, handing him the printout. 'Think we're in any danger?' The captain shrugged, scanning the sea beyond the harbour walls, 'Shouldn't think so. I don't see how blowing up a tug boat will bring them much vengeance.' 'Still, perhaps we should stow the flag? Make us less visible.' 'Perhaps … Continue reading TENSIONS


The polling station was about to close. The queue stretched round the corner, at least five hundred people. Some had been there all day. 'Technical difficulties' the returning officer for the district had said on the radio. They weren't the only one. Across the country there had been reports of similar incidents. It didn't take … Continue reading A SUDDEN CHILL


'We've checked everywhere, Sam, it ain't here,' said Ruth. I dropped the sledgehammer. 'Alright Gutman, where is it?' 'I told you. Ask Cairo. He knows, not me.' 'Cairo's dead. So's Archer. You're responsible. Now cough up the statue.' 'Poor Mr. Spade. You're nothing but a clueless gumshoe.' 'The Falcon, where is it?' I aimed the … Continue reading HERE’S LOOKIN’ AT YOU, KID


Heavy snow from the north was sweeping in, the wind was scooping it up and swirling it into a blizzard. He reached the door and was blown inside, a flurry of white accompanying him indoors. The heat thawed him. He shook off his heavy jacket and slipped out of his boots. He put the extra … Continue reading CHRISTMAS IN SASKATCHEWAN