I live in East Kilbride, near Glasgow in Scotland, where I spend most all my time raising my twin son and daughter. In my spare time I work as an editor of television programmes for the BBC. When I’m not doing either of those things I write stories, read stories and watch stories.

My first novel, A Justified State, was published in late 2018, and the follow-up, State Of Denial, was released in 2019. The conclusion to ‘The State’ trilogy, ‘State Of War’, was released in May 2020. ‘The State Trilogy’ books are available in paperback and eBooks from a number of online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books and Book Depository.

A collection of early short pieces, Collected Sketches, was published in late 2016 and is available on Amazon Kindle.

The main purpose of this blog is to post my fiction writing. In the past I have reviewed films and books and I may carry on doing the occasional bit of that too. Thanks for taking the time to read anything, all comments, shares and likes are welcome and I hope you enjoy.

**All posts, blogs, views expressed here are mine, and do not in any way represent or reflect the view of the BBC **

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