It's  been a while since I did any drawing, or posted any on my blog. This rainy weekend it was time for my roughly bi-annual attempt. I tell myself I should make more time for drawing and do it regularly, but it never lasts - maybe this time!Anyway, here is an attempt at copying Sean … Continue reading JAMES BOND – SEAN CONNERY MOVIE ART


Left, left, left, right, left. Back straight, arms swinging at the shoulder, crisp, clean steps. He would drum it into these natives if it killed him. No good roads, that was the problem. Didn't live in proper houses. Didn't wear any clothes, half of them. The whole place needed civilising.  Her Majesty's army would soon … Continue reading LEFT BEHIND


'Iacta ālea est.' The die is cast. The storm would follow. Marcisus trooped with his legion over the Rubicon river, following their leader who had gone before them. Within days they would be in Rome. Pompey would be forced to flee. Rome would be torn apart. Marcisus saw it all unfolding. He had hoped his … Continue reading THE COMING STORM


Stumbling along the street. he tried to make sense of it. Everything was a blur, like raindrops had covered his spectacles, but it hadn't been raining. His world was out of kilter, unfocused and obscure. How could they have known? He reached the intersection between the two main roads. Shapes flew passed in both directions. … Continue reading BLURRED LINES