I opened my eyes slowly. Where had I landed this time? I hung the watch around my neck.

I was on a beach. The waves crashed onto the shore, the sea spray lashed across my face. I could make out a grey ship in the distance. In front of it smaller boats were heading to land.

The beach was covered with barbed wire and large metal spikes. Beyond the beach the land sloped upwards. On the side of these slopes were small, man-made bunkers.

A panel slid aside on the front of one of these bunkers and a thin metal object poked through.

As the first of the landing boats reached the shore, the air was shredded apart by loud gunfire. I hit the ground instinctively as bullets flew over my head.

I saw the first soldier ripped to pieces, his dismembered body crumbled into the water.

I grabbed the watch and turned the crown at the top. I closed my eyes and held the watch tightly, willing it to take me away from here.

© The Storyteller’s Abode

Flash fiction story run by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Write a story based on the prompt photo (above). Learn more here: FFfAW

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34 responses to “TIME TRAVELS”

  1. Well done Iain. Of course I do like the idea of time travel but yeah on the best things is the exploration of the fact that it might a sort of dawning horror in terms of where you land and you certainly capture that.

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      • I quite like some sci-fi. It very much depends on the type. But yeah, I have always liked the idea of being transported to a not nice time for a story and you certainly fit the bill with this piece.

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  2. Time Travel… One of my favorite genres. Loved “Timeline” by Michael Crichton and “The Doomsday Book” by Connie Willis. Two of my favorites. And a very old one by Anya Seton, “Green Darkness.” You did a smashing job with the flash fiction. I’m thinking Normandy? We’re going to be there next September.

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  3. Oh dear, not the best place to land, on this occasion. Great descriptions of a war zone and the awful destruction of life – very graphic. Yes, I’d say you needed to turn that crown pretty quickly.


  4. Hi Iain I liked where you took me in this take, not the location but the description which allowed me to be there with you on the beach, terrifying as it was….

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  5. Powerful piece. Such an awful time and place to time travel to, I suppose knowing what D-day was actually like would terrify anyone. Hope he got out of there. Great write!

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  6. This was really compelling to read! That is one of the dangers of time travel that don’t get spoken of enough, I think. What if you land in the middle of a war? What if you land right when Mt. Vesuvius was about to erupt?

    I really enjoyed this story, Iain!

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  7. Great story to tell his grandkids in the future.. “Well you know sonny, back then when I was still young, I was into time travel. And the watch sent me back to D-Day! Right smack in the middle of a grenade and a rifle! So, before I give you the watch, promise me you won’t be time travelling to Vietnam anytime soon ok?”

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