George found Nick next to the old fountain in the garden after everyone from the wake had drifted away.

‘Remember when we used to splash in the water round this,’ George said. ‘It belongs to you now, along with all this,’ George gestured to the large gardens and the manor house behind them.

Nick patted the odd, square shaped fountain. George leaned on the other side of it. One of the squares he rested on depressed into the side of the concrete. There was a click. The entire fountain and the base they stood on started moving to the side, with a slow grinding noise. A brick stairway leading into the ground was revealed.

George looked at Nick. ‘After you big brother.’

They edged down the uneven stairs. They reached the bottom. A solitary light bulb hung from the ceiling in a small dark room. George found a switch in the wall next to him. The light bulb flickered on.

In the centre of the room was a metal chair, with restraints for wrists, ankles and a head brace. Thick electrical cables led from the chair to a lever on the wall. On a table there was a row of metal instruments – scalpels, pliers, secateurs, and discarded syringes. Everything was covered in a layer of thick dust.

Nick looked at George. ‘Remember Dad said Aunt Phylidia did something important for the government during the war.’

George nodded.

© A Mixed Bag

Written as part of Sunday Photo Fiction. Write a story of around 200 words based on the photo prompt given (above). For more details visit HERE.

For more stories based on this prompt, have a look HERE.

36 responses to “DURING THE WAR”

  1. Whoa, that was super unexpected. Part of me wants to know exactly what Aunt Phylidia used that room for…and part of me thinks some secrets are better left that way.

    Such a creative take on the prompt, Iain.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, that would be a scary thing to find. Even all those years later. To think about one’s Aunt torturing traitors, it’s both hideous and awful, but at the same time, she did something that was important to the war effort. Good thing they never made that Aunt mad. Great write Ian.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting, most reaction to this has been horror at Aunt, but you’re the first to wonder if maybe what she did was a necessary evil. I’d need to write Aunt’s story to see if people’s perceptions could be swayed! Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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