Rosa Maria watched Alejandro throw open the shutters.

On the corner of Calle 9 and Avenue 5, they were open for business. Alejandro looked at his madre.

This time he would make her proud. Her husband murdered, they had fled from Tijuana. Rosa Maria had scraped together what she could until she had enough to open the small restaurant.

La Nueve‘ for the street, but also la nuevo for the new start, Alejandro,’ she kissed him and headed inside. Alejandro had never seen her happier.

Across the street sat a white pickup. Inside sat two men. Their shoulders and arms were covered in the markings of the Tijuana cartel. One of the men spoke into a ‘phone.

‘We’ve found them. What do you want us to do?’ A voice spoke two words and hung up. The man with the ‘phone nodded to the other man. They got out of the pickup and started walking towards ‘La Nueve.’


Written for ‘What Pegman Saw’, a weekly prompt based on a view from Google Maps. The idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 150 words based on the prompt. Full details can be found HERE. This week we’re in Mexico City.

Note: nueve = nine; nuevo = new.

For more stories based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

22 responses to “THE NINE”

  1. Ve-ery powerful Iain. Well done

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  2. Excellent. The cartel did indeed cast a long shadow, though my Mexican friends make fun of me for my cartel-centric view. Too many episodes of Narcos, maybe.

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    1. I agree, I think the problem is outside of Mexico those are the only stories we hear on TV, films (Sicario is excellent) and in books.

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  3. OH NO! You can’t leave us hanging like that. 🙂
    Great story, tugged at the emotions.

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    1. Thanks Joy. I’ve still to decide what happens next…

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      1. Rosa Maria comes out of the restaurant and blows them away ! There you go… LOL!

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      2. That’s one possible ending definitely! 🙂

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  4. Powerful. Well written.

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  5. Oh, Lord! That’s very intense. It begs for a sequel!

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    1. Thanks Pamela, not sure I would want to write what would happen next!

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  6. Oh no, so hopeful and then such a dark turn. Great story, as always Iain.

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    1. Thank you, much appreciated. I couldn’t just let them be happy ever after!

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  7. Freedom was short lived.

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  8. This was so full of hope then BAM! Well done. (I’m on Rosa’s side – I hope she has a little something up her sleeve. Maybe Santisma Muerte!)

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    1. True, we could combine our stories and come up with a happy ending!

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  9. Dear Ian,

    This doesn’t bode well for them. Well written.



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  10. If you hear what happened next please let us know. Excellent Iain.

    Click to visit Keith’s Ramblings!

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