School holidays were the worst.

It meant they would be back from their boarding schools and he wouldn’t get a moments peace.

All he wanted to do was laze about in the summer sunshine, perhaps a walk along the beach.

Instead they would insist on dragging him on some silly adventure.

Julian was the real do-gooder, Anne wasn’t much better. Richard, well – Dick by name… At least Georgina gave him tickles and biscuits. It was the least he deserved for sticking with them.

‘Come on, Timmy! Time to go on an another adventure.’ He lay there, putting his paw over his eyes. ”Now, don’t be a lazy dog, Timmy, you’ve had weeks to lie about. I bet you’ve been bored and are ready for an exciting trip!’

Couldn’t be further from the truth. No, not the pink bag, how embarrassing. And I’m to carry your water and food, am I?

Camping again. Maybe this time if they get into some sort of mess with smugglers he would just run off and leave them to sort out their own mess.

Roll on August when they would be back to school and he could be left alone. Pesky kids.

Copyright Susan Spaulding

Written as part of Sunday Photo Fiction. Write a story of around 200 words based on the photo prompt given (above). Hosted by Susan Spaulding. For more details visit HERE.

To read more of the stories based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five’ books: Wikipedia.

45 responses to “THE FAMOUS FIVE… AGAIN”

  1. Here I’d thought he’d been enjoying their adventures all the while! I guess a dog should have his (rest) day time and again. Wonderful write, as always, Iain!

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    • Thanks James, just a little spoof on my part having re-read some of Enid Blyton’s books with my children recently. The poor dog’s are always being dragged along on adventures whether they like it or not!


  2. Haha, Iain, I love this. My son, Michael, loved Enid Blyton’s famous five a few years ago. He listened to the audio books on repeat for five weeks while he was at home recovering from a serious illness.

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    • Thank you Robbie. I recently re-read The Secret Seven with my kids, which also features a dog that gets dragged along on all their adventures, and I wonder if they really want to be there! 🙂 Enjoyable books.

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  3. Ha Ha. That’s an interesting Timmy’s perspective. I was a big fan of the books and the show.
    Timmy was one of the 5, always coming to the kids’ rescue. Thanks for bringing back the nostalgia.

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  4. My favourite Enid Blyton was one of her early books, The Adventurous Four. There was no dog with the four young people wrecked on an island off the Scottish Coast but it was the same unbelievable freedom and lack of parental supervision which I loved. I just bought it for my eight year old granddaughter. Blyton had a wonderful way with food and made every eating experience memorable. I am totally disillusioned about Timmy the dog. I thought dogs were only happy when they were with people. Obviously Timmy preferred the company of the parents – was it Quentin who was the distant father?

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    • I read recently that Blyton is now seen as dated and is criticised for the lack of parental supervision and health and safety in her adventure novels – which seems to me to be entirely missing the point of her fiction. I did always feel they relied too much on Timmy though, I mean if the dog decided one day he’d had enough in the middle of an adventure, the kids would be lost!

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