The transition from elected government to populist dictatorship had not been an easy one.

Trying to convince people that they were moving from the dark ages of democracy to the enlightenment of an autocratic supreme ruler was a hard sell. The fact that the elected government he was replacing had been so ineffectual and weak had helped.

And he was making progress.

It made it easier that he could point to the rest of the world and confidently proclaim they were only following the other civilised countries of the west. Funny how impinging on the freedoms of people had become a populist rallying call.

The more powerful dissenting voices – railing about voter’s rights, women’s rights, gay rights, immigrant rights, equality rights, blah, blah, blah – had quietened down after he had had some of them imprisoned and shot. Announcing their wealth and assets had been seized and would be shared among the people had made it more palatable for the plebs to accept – they still believed that sort of lie.

Pretty soon he would have crushed any resistance and could embark on a world tour. A photocall on the White House lawn would be welcomed, with his old pal Donald, and he could take in New York while visiting the UN headquarters.

Yep, Nigel thought as he put his feet on the desk and leaned back in his chair in 10 Downing Street, looking through the cloistered window, life in Great Britain was certainly on the up.

Copyright Sue Vincent

This is a response to the #writephoto Prompt – Transition curated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Click on the link to read other stories inspired by the image.

38 responses to “TRANSITION OF POWER”

  1. This is really good, Iain. And so believable.
    You have a gift at drawing the reader in with your style of writing!

    Hope you are doing well––glad I came to visit. Catching up on posts, as I’ve left a job and am expanding my coaching practice! It’s been quite an adventure. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

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