State of Denial: Iain Kelly’s new novel for these ‘Interesting Times’

Over on her Wordshamble blog, Lynn has written a great introduction to some of the themes that inspired my latest novel, State of Denial, a political thriller based in an imagined future. Do check it out.

Word Shamble

There’s an old Chinese curse that wishes the unlucky recipient to

Live in interesting times

Now, no one – be they Brexiter, Remainer, environmentalist, climate change denier (Donald Trump, I suspect, might be all of the above, depending on what time of night he’s tweeting and how much cheese he ate before he snuggled up in his jammies) – could say the early 21st century isn’t just that


We have an American President who spills his scrambled brains in public at any time of day or night, who slams a free press and pulls his country back from environmental reforms at a moment of global catastrophe.

We have a British Prime Minister who behaves like a despot, illegally closing parliament when it doesn’t agree with his policies, sacking long time supporters when they do the same, is determined to drag the country towards an economic abyss because his backers…

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5 responses to “State of Denial: Iain Kelly’s new novel for these ‘Interesting Times’”

  1. Great trailer on Amazon.

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    1. Thank you James, managed to cobble it together myself. Hope you get the chance to give it a read 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, I hope you get the chance to read it! 🙂

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