The view was bleak, much like his future.

The waves rolled along, grey with white crests, unrelenting, unremitting. His stomach had finally settled down after two days of sickness.

What did he care about these countries over the ocean? They could bomb themselves into oblivion for all he cared.

The rain battered the window, but the bad weather would pass soon.

Underneath those foreboding waves they knew they were being hunted by the German U-boats.

He had heard stories from those who had come back. Those who had survived.

He knew the real storm lay in front of him.


Linking with Carrot Ranch Literary Community and their prompt Storm Windows. The task is to write a story in 99 words using the prompt.

christmas 2019



21 responses to “STORM WINDOW”

  1. Stormy weather below the surface, but even more so above. Love the writing Iain, that sense of menace pervading all

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    1. Thank you so much Lynn

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      1. Always a pleasure, Iain. BTW, how are sales going of the new book? Well I hope.

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      2. As always, not as many as I would like, but a slow drip of purchases and a few very pleasing positive reviews. It is true what they say about self-publishing, it is having to do all the promotion yourself in a crowded market that is difficult, especially when the big bookstores, and online sites including Amazon, are continually pushing the big authors and bestsellers, it’s difficult to get noticed. Hopefully there might be a little boost leading up to Christmas. Thanks for taking an interest and your continuing support, much appreciated.

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      3. And you seem to have to have so much ‘product’ online to be hugely successful. The marketing side is something that would worry me about self publishing. Which reminds me, I really need to get an email llist up and running! Good luck with it all, Iain

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  2. Foreboding and suspenseful!

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  3. Wonderful, to get so much from such a simple picture.

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    1. Thank you so much Eugenia


  4. An even more difficult passage, having a window into what lies ahead. Well done.

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  5. a scary future.written so well

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  6. Great hook to draw in the reader and worry for what comes next. I like your take on the prompt, Ian.

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