To the victor goes the spoils, that’s what they say.

There is cheering, waving flags, smiling faces. But it doesn’t feel like winning.

Surrounding them is destruction and death. Buildings and homes reduced to rubble.

They said the last one would be the war to end all wars. Maybe this one will be.

They are glad to be the victors, proud and patriotic.

Yet beneath the smiles and relief there is so much grief.

They have lost so much: friends, lovers, comrades, innocence.

History will immortalise them as heroes.

But can anyone really be called a winner in war?


Linking with Carrot Ranch Literary Community and their prompt Winners. The task is to write a story in 99 words using the prompt.

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12 responses to “TO THE VICTOR”

  1. Was always comes at a great cost.

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    1. Many would say at too much of a cost, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

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      1. There are always ways around it. If you believe.

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  2. Bang on, as always. Thought-provoking and well written.

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    1. Too kind, thank you Eugenia.


  3. very true. well written…However, what is in the tag? A justified state and state of denial?

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    1. Those are links to my 2 novels, available now on Amazon.


  4. No, there are no winners in war, I believe. So much is lost by all involved. And the so-called victors, the profiteers of war? They lose the most — their humanity for materialism. I do respect those who stand up as soldiers, those who represent the ideals of a nation, the values of humankind, the brave ones willing to serve and do what they are called to do. But we all should shoulder the burden after the flag-waving. Few do and usually it’s the ones who already gave what they had to give. Your story moved me. Well done.

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