Guest Author: Iain Kelly ~ Finishing the Story: Writing a Trilogy #booklaunch

To coincide with the release of my new novel ‘State Of War’, I’ve written a guest blog post over on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo about some of the challenges and inspirations involved in writing a trilogy of novels. Do hop over and give it a read.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Two years ago I managed to finish my first novel and publish it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. While basking in the satisfaction of completing the book, ‘A Justified State’ (and receiving the odd couple of gratifying reviews), I got a nagging sense that the characters I had created had more of a story to tell beyond ‘THE END’ of the first book.

Pretty quickly the basis of a plot for parts 2 and 3 of a trilogy came together. ‘A Justified State’ is a detective thriller set in an imagined near future world, loosely based on my home city, Glasgow. I wanted to avoid repeating what I had written in the first book, not only because I thought readers would be bored reading the same sort of story again, and also because I knew I would be bored writing something similar. So I set about taking the characters from…

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4 responses to “Guest Author: Iain Kelly ~ Finishing the Story: Writing a Trilogy #booklaunch”

  1. Thank you for coming over…and conratulations on the luanch of the new book 🙂

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  2. Good one Iain. I have read Book 1 and will get to the others. So many books …..
    You self-published for Kindle. Have you approached mainstream publishing houses? Good luck with sales. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Trish, there are so many books out there, but mine aren’t going anywhere so I hope you will get round to them 🙂 Yes, I self-published on Amazon and other outlets. I did very briefly send the first book out to a handful of literary agents, but after receiving very little feedback, I realised I did not have the time to commit to chasing up responses and sitting around waiting. However, now that the trilogy is finished, I may pursue agents/publishers for the next book I am writing, which is quite different from these ones.

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      1. Good luck to you and congratulations on following your dream!

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