A Fine State of Affairs – Guest Post by Author, Iain Kelly…

Here’s a link to a guest author post I wrote for Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog, talking about my trilogy of novels and some of the ideas, inspirations and trials involved in the writing. Hope you can head over and give it a read and check out the novels.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

A couple of years ago I wrote a book. I was quite happy with it. I sent it to a couple of literary agents, and unsurprisingly given the odds, heard nothing back.
Without a foot in the door or a celebrity name, it’s hard work to ​get your precious manuscript read – and to do so requires a lot of commitment in time and effort. I work full-time and am a parent of two five-year olds – any remaining time I use to write. I realised I couldn’t commit the time and resources needed to cold call agents and publishers in the hope of making that rare breakthrough.
But this is not a tale of woe. I decided to have a go at self-publishing, a fall back open to all writers in the age of eBooks and Amazon Kindles. And so ‘A Justified State’ came out in 2018…

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  2. I’m almost done with the second but put off finishing it until the 3rd came out, because I didn’t want to be left hanging. A great read that raises lots of questions about being careful what we wish for.


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