Alongside temperature checks every time I enter the building, my work are introducing rapid flow Covid-19 testing next week for all staff that have to be in the building. Everyone will also get a proximity alarm that will go off if someone is closer than 2 metres away. The kids are at home and we’ve taken on home schooling duties. Lockdown continues, all the shops are closed, alongside the gyms, cinemas, theatres, cafes and restaurants. One at a time at the supermarket and facemasks worn outdoors as well as indoors. Don’t risk meeting family or friends. Everyday there seems to be a new variant of the virus spreading across the globe. Travel bans at the borders are being imposed, about 10 months too late. Each day there seem to be record numbers of deaths reported. The virus has reached the remote island of Barra, where relatives live, sparking panic and alarm among the elderly population, who do not have an intensive care facility nearby. It’s cold out and the pavements and roads are covered in snow and ice again. The car needs it’s annual MOT and service next week. The days are short and the nights dark and long.

So when the planning team at work called and said another editor could take over the project I was supposed to start next week and I could have the days off as annual leave instead, I was only too happy to tell them it was no trouble at all. Bunker down, stay safe, and hold on until all this has passed.

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango Today’s prompt word was: Trouble. Click on the link to read more responses to the prompt.


11 responses to “NO TROUBLE AT ALL”

      1. Making lemonade out of lemons, then? Enjoy the opportunity, and you and the family stay safe & healthy! 😉🤗

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      2. Thanks Liz, all well here for now.

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  1. Yes, stay safe! At least writing is something you can do at home. 🙂

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    1. It has definitely been a help over the last year!


      1. Yes, it has helped keep me at least partially sane! 🙂

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  2. I’ve just read in our papers about the proximity alarm!

    Bunker down, stay safe!

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  3. We have rapid flow tests twice a week and of course we wear PPE all day long every day.
    We were told recently that only one person can be in the staff kitchen at a time, only one person in any of the offices, and that we have to wear a mask at all times, in every part of building – toilets, locker rooms, elevators, there is no break from wearing a mask.
    But some staff can’t be bothered with that. I went into the kitchen to take a 15 minute break the other day and had just started sipping my coffee and reading a book when another girl came in, not wearing a mask and lolloped down on the chair next to me and sprawled all over the table saying she felt ill. I asked her if she was on a break too (our breaks are scheduled so it is just one at a time) and she said she was. I said I would go and have my break somewhere else. I ended up perched on a step with a freezing behind just so I could drink my coffee and relax for a few minutes before getting back to the craziness.
    I have been careful all year at work, I don’t use any of the communal equipment – kettles, microwave, toaster, fridge – I always take a flask and my lunch. But it seems to be getting harder to observe all the extra rules we are being asked to follow to make sure everyone feels safe.
    And of course we all work closely together and get close to our patients – that is why we have to wear so much PPE.
    We have got used to it – but sometimes when I am tired, I must admit, it is all so tiring.
    Yesterday it was obvious another of our colleagues was not well and I took her aside (keeping my distance) and told her she should not be in work and that she should go home, self-isolate and test herself again. Eventually I persuaded her to leave, but it took a lot of effort to convince her.

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    1. It’s not been a fun year at work, although I’m thankful to have a job in my industry. The fact there are some colleagues, and people out there, who still aren’t able to take the proper precautions is both unbelievable and annoying. Hope you stay safe.


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