#NowWithAdded… Dystopian

Over on the Fiction Can Be Fun blog, who reviewed my State Trilogy of books recently, they asked me to write a guest blog about writing dystopian stories. You can have a read of my thoughts by following the link here, the main one being, of course, to never set out to write a dystopian story…

Fiction Can Be Fun

What I absolutely love about this feature is the responses we receive are so terrifically varied. Even knowing that authors are individual and unique, you never know what to expect… and that aspect delights me.

Opening this feature for 2021 is Iain Kelly, whose dystopian work The State Trilogy, I reviewed last week. Ever wanted to know how do you come to be an author of dystopian novels? Well, let Iain explain…

When Debs and David asked me to contribute a guest post for their Fiction Can Be Fun blog, I was delighted to accept. But then I had a moment of pause.

They were looking for a piece about Dystopian Fiction for their #NowWithAdded strand and, as I had written a dystopian trilogy – The State Trilogy – it seemed a sensible request. Why my hesitation?

Because I have never thought of myself as a dystopian writer, or a…

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3 responses to “#NowWithAdded… Dystopian”

  1. Well said, and you know I loved your trilogy! Gabriella was my favorite character, because she was tough, but you could see her sensitive heart as well. Looking forward to your next book, intrigued. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, not sure when it will arrive yet, but sometime this year I’m sure! 🙂


      1. You are welcome snd Yay for it being this year yet! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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