‘It is a given, Sir. It is only a matter of time.’

‘Nothing is a given yet.’

‘The votes are almost all counted. You have it, Sir. You will be appointed the next leader of the country.’

His eyes gleamed and I had to stop myself from giving in to his enthusiasm and optimism.

‘There are still powerful forces out there that might not let it happen.’

‘But it is the will of the people. How can they deny the result of a free election?’

‘Stranger things have happened.’

I thought back to the old man. One of so many I had met over the last two months of campaigning. Why did he stand out from all the rest? He had told me. Beware the black crow that points the way. It may not be the direction you wish to travel. A silly old prophecy and nothing more, but I couldn’t help wondering which way the crow was facing tonight.

‘They may still have the military, but the soldiers will not turn on their elected leader.’

As he said it the first gunshot rang out from the street below. He froze and I put my hand on his shoulder. A celebration or a threat?

‘Nothing is a given, especially not Democracy.’

Copyright Sue Vincent

Written for the #writephoto prompt, hosted by Sue Vincent on her blog Daily Echo. This week’s prompt word, to go with the image, was Appointed.

Also linking with Fandango’s One Word Challenge. Today’s word was: Given.


23 responses to “PROPHECY”

  1. Oh, i love it. Thank you, Ian! At least politics is a business of its own, and if you are not invited very early, you cant ring the bell. Have a beautiful afternoon. Please stay save, there is a very British virus strain around. Michael

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    1. Thanks Michael, much appreciated, hope you are safe and well too.


  2. Did you ever read “A Very British Coup”?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m aware of it, but never got round to that one.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. there’s that and a sequel. They’re both excellent reads although I thought the second ended prematurely. But very disconcerting and far more subtle than a shooting war – but the same results.

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  3. Oh, sorry for misspelling your name, Iain! Just seen!

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    1. That’s okay – happens all the time! 😉


  4. No…nothing is a given,… and we ought not to take it for granted…

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    1. Recent events around the world have taught us that.


      1. Or should have sone so…

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    1. Thanks so much Robbie, hope you are safe and well.

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  5. This is brilliant, is it a coo, or a caw? 💜🙂

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    1. I have no idea, I’ll have to ask the old man! 🙂


  6. No matter the odds, something can always ruin the day. Good story, Iain.

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  7. Whoa! Hitting close to home! Great job!

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂


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