The Blurb:

This gripping thriller is set in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and chronicles the dramatic events when a former detective, Joseph Carter, sets out to gain redemption from the consequences of an old case that cost him everything.

Carter is still haunted by the murders of his niece and brother-in-law at the hands of a serial killer he was trying to track down. One year on, the killer has returned and Carter, now a disgraced detective gone private, launches a personal vendetta to catch him this time around.

The Review:

I wouldn’t like to be Joey Carter, the ex-cop at the heart of ‘Where Crows Land’. Everywhere he turns there is another death, or perhaps it’s better to not be one of his friends or family, who are on the receiving end of the latest murder more often than not! Paul McCracken’s second novel shares the same DNA as his first thriller ‘Layla’s Song’. Although not a sequel, it’s also set in Belfast and like the first book ‘Crows’ rattles along at breakneck speed. Carter is thrust from one scene to the next via car chases and foot races, barely stopping to catch his breath. Along the way, between the mounting body count and several narrow escapes, he manages to stay alive long enough to gradually eliminate suspects and close in on the killers. It’s exciting stuff, and McCracken never lets the tension drop. There’s plenty of intrigue, and twists and turns before a satisfying conclusion and an ending that leaves potential for a sequel and the possible further adventures of Carter.

Summary: One helluva ride from page one to the end, without a pause for breath in between the action set-pieces.

‘Where Crows Land’ is available from Amazon on Kindle and in paperback: Where Crows Land

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  1. Hi Lain, this book review was succinct and i am going to check it out on Kindle
    a good thriller story is hard to create and sounds like McCracken has talent and this Carter character had some challenges to overcome to get to what you call a satisfactory ending 😉

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    1. Succinct is a good word for the book and Carter too. He doesn’t hang about!

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      1. have a good day and njce to check in real quick today

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