The Blurb:

Runaway: a runaway is found dead in an alley. Who is she? Why is she living on the street? The answers lie deep within the community of street dwellers, often ignored or invisible. To find the young woman’s killer, Sergeant Liz Jordan and Officer Kyle Connors must earn the trust of people without permanent addresses, who do not trust the establishment. Delving deep into a world of uncertainty and danger, the investigation uncovers a web of deceit and exploitation that preys on the most vulnerable. Runaway is the first novel in the City Streets Trilogy.

The Review:

This is a good detective crime novel, with a plot that managed to keep me guessing until the end with a couple of neat and realistic twists leading up to the whodunnit reveal. It also shone a light on the plight of homeless people and those that struggle to survive on the streets without support, and the courageous care workers who try to do what they can to help. The main character, Detective Liz Jordan, is well-rounded and likeable, and you will her to succeed. It was well-written and plotted and engaging. A perfect read for a quiet afternoon.


A cracking crime read for those who like police procedurals and a plot that keeps you guessing.

‘Runaway’ is available from Amazon on Kindle and in paperback, and from several other retailers: Runaway

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  1. A good review. You’ve got me interested 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Eugenia, a decent way to spend an afternoon this one.


  2. Hari OM
    Succinct and enough to tease the interest – good to see a blog up from you and that too with something as interesting… am off to have a gander! YAM xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, yes, I’m still here a little bit! A quick read for a lazy afternoon if you like a straightforward bit of crime 🙂


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