The last of his comrades made it to the end of the bridge. They didn’t look back.

He turned and saw the first of Franco’s troops cresting the hill and charging down the slope towards him.

He winced at the pain from his shredded legs. The blood pumped from the bullet holes. He tried pulling himself forward on the wooden planks of the bridge. There was no way he would make it to the other side in time.

He took the grenade from his pocket. He put the pin in his mouth and pulled it out. He held the grenade to his chest and lay down on the bridge. He saw the blue sky.

Written as part of the Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details here). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (below).

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© Adam Ickes

52 responses to “SACRIFICE”

  1. Gripping action. The sentences are getting shorter and shorter, the desperation and urgency rises. And the last line is the perfect stop. Great story.

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  2. Tragic tale and well told. The short sentences do add to the poor, and the repetition too. A life cut short – let’s hope the sacrifice made a difference. Nice write, Iain


  3. Adding my vote to the power of the short sentences. Such a tragic and yet hopeful look at this last desperate decision, that he can make one last effort to do his duty and help his friends.

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    • Thanks, a last minute addition as I felt it needed a beat at the end. Glad you appreciated and thanks for reading.


  4. Oh, but this one was a blast… great write. So much happens in war that no one ever knows. I highly suspect this type of thing happens all too often. otherwise, why would we have the saying: “falling on a grenade for—-…” Love the write.

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  5. Wow! That grabbed my heart and gave a gigantic squeeze!! Heroes like that are hard to find in the media today. WE have them, just the mainstream media doesn’t want to talk about them.
    You’ve done an excellent job.
    Thanks so much for the follow!

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