'HÄAGEN-DAZS KILLER STRIKES AGAIN!' screamed the headline, as did executive Peter Jenkins. It was a PR disaster. That was three. Each bloodied corpse left with a half-eaten tub of Häagen-Dazs next to it. The latest theory: the killer was following people who bought Häagen-Dazs, killing them, then eating the ice-cream. 'What flavour this time?' his … Continue reading OTHER BRANDS ARE AVAILABLE


Christenson fell to his knees, his hands raised to the skies, his face a scream of agony. 'Show yourself!' he cried. Outside the storm tore at the earth. Debris battered against the protective dome. Trees, buildings, animals - all tossed asunder. Inside the palm trees were still, the climate pleasant. Only the constant howling noise … Continue reading END TIMES


Archie strolled back from the shop, newspaper under his arm. Another fine Mediterranean morning. In the campervan, Agnes was still in bed. Archie settled down in his seat to read the headlines. Iran had retaliated against America with missile fire. A commercial aeroplane had gone down. He turned the page. Bush fires in Australia. Not … Continue reading EXTENDED VACATION


'We've checked everywhere, Sam, it ain't here,' said Ruth. I dropped the sledgehammer. 'Alright Gutman, where is it?' 'I told you. Ask Cairo. He knows, not me.' 'Cairo's dead. So's Archer. You're responsible. Now cough up the statue.' 'Poor Mr. Spade. You're nothing but a clueless gumshoe.' 'The Falcon, where is it?' I aimed the … Continue reading HERE’S LOOKIN’ AT YOU, KID