Interview With Ian Kelly

I was recently interviewed by fellow blogger and fiction writer mandibelle16 for her ‘Interview with…’ feature, talking about fiction writing, blogging and self-publishing my first book. You can read it here. Be sure to check out Mandi’s great blog too HERE.


Goodmorning and welcome to my biweekly interview series. Today I have the honor of sharing with you the writing and blog ofIan Kelly. He’s a talented guy who has recently published a book of short stories. You can find Ian’s blog here: Ian Kelly Writing.


1. Hi Ian, Please Tell Us About Yourself?

Hi. My name is Iain Kelly and I’m from Glasgow in ScotlandI have lived here all my life and it’s where I write my blog from. My blog is called: Iain Kelly Writing.

Telling about yourself is always the most difficult question to answer, so I’ll keep it simple! I work as an editor of television programs for BBC Scotland. I’m married with two-year-old twins who take up most of my time. After work and family if I have any time left I like to write.

2. When Did You…

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4 thoughts on “Interview With Ian Kelly

  1. enjoyed reading more about you Iain and your writing style as well as how you get inspired, thanks to this lovely interview by Mandi. Admire your focus and time management with a young family and full time career. Yet you manage consistently produce amazing short stories. Best wishes for much success!

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