The Blurb: Annabelle Riley invites you to join her on a rocky journey to happiness, that will make you laugh and cry along the way. Annabelle has discovered that hiding what she hates about herself has caused damage to those she loves most. Behind a sunshine smile, she has been hiding a mental health issue … Continue reading BOOK REVIEW: WE HIDE WHAT WE HATE ABOUT OURSELVES by MELODY FINCH

Book Review: A Justified State

A review of ‘A Justified State’ from Di on her blog ‘Pensitivity101’ – a nice 8/10. Thanks Di 🙂

‘A Justified State’ available in Paperback and on Amazon Kindle now / / Book Depository


I enjoy Iain’s posts and so ordered my copy from Amazon which arrived last week.

Our main characters are Danny, a State Cop grieving the loss of his family, Gabriella our assassin and Phillips, a Secret Service guy.
The book gives good descriptions of a world in the not so distant future, where technology has come a long way in prolonging life and automating jobs. Housing as we know it today is a rarity with people living in unit cubes, most food is artificially produced, power cuts are frequent due to an energy shortage, and a curfew is in place.
Clubs, entertainment, gambling and smoking are illegal, and law enforcement is a presence more than an active service.

The assassination of a politician takes place on page three, so we get straight into the story, fanning back to how Assassin and Victim met in the first chapter.
Afterwards,  Gabriella…

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Meet Guest Author – Iain Kelly…

Here’s a ‘Meet the Author’ guest post I wrote for Chris over at The Story Reading Ape, talking a little about the writing process and my new novel, ‘A Justified State’.
Give it a read, and do browse some of the other fantastic authors and bloggers in Chris’ ‘Hall of Fame!’

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

‘Write about what you know’ – it’s the advice author after author and book after book tells you when you’re starting out. Well, what if all you know is pretty humdrum and ordinary? I’ve never travelled much, I’ve never had a family tragedy or a relationship crisis and I work in essentially an office job. Once I did a tandem skydive, but I’d struggle to make a novel out of that experience. It involved me screaming a lot.

Then I stumbled across this quote, attributed to Toni Morrison – ‘People say to write about what you know. I’m here to tell you, no one wants to read that, cos you don’t know anything. So write about something you don’t know. And don’t be scared, ever.’

That’s how writing opened up for me. I studied English Literature at University. I’ve always read, but through my twenties life got in the way of…

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Teresa, the Haunted Wordsmith, tagged Fandango to write part 2 of her latest Finish The Story challenge, titled “The Open Road.” Then Fandango tagged KeithsRamblings to write part 3, and Keith has tagged me to continue the story. Here’s the story so far, with my contribution at the end: THE OPEN ROAD Part One by Teresa It was Spring … Continue reading FINISH THE STORY – THE OPEN ROAD, Part Four