She secretly hoped they wouldn’t find them.

Why else would she have hidden them so deliberately?

She put on a brave front, pretending to enjoy the hunt.

It’ll be fine, they told her. Everyone else was doing it.

The stash of pills was duly discovered.

Her addictive personality was defenceless.


Written as part of #MicroMondays, hosted by Varad over at Loose End Of The Thread. For more information and to join in visit #MICROMONDAYS-5.

Each week we are given a set word count for a piece of micro fiction, and a quote from a book that must be included in the story. This week’s quote to be included was ‘she secretly hoped they wouldn’t find them.’ and the word count was 50.

Read other stories based on the prompt HERE.

8 responses to “SHE SECRETLY HOPED”

  1. Your story is almost like a prequel to mine, Iain. Loved the last line.

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    1. You’re right, we both saw similar themes in this one.

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  2. Truths don’t remain buried for long. Was wondering till end, what is that she’s hiding… a complete engagement, Ian!

    Anagha recently posted Soul Mates

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  3. Nice take on the prompt:)

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