The woman was dead. The cover-up exposed. Samson strode along the corridor of pillars flanked by his team. This was their moment of triumph, yet there was no celebration in what had happened. Their footsteps reverberated on the stone floor, echoing ominously. They crossed the courtyard and stopped at the heavy arch door. Samson knocked. … Continue reading PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY


I wrapped my arms around Kyle. We turned and watched the parasail disappearing in the distance. 'There he goes, my crazy brother' I sighed. 'Maybe he'll come back safe.' Kyle suggested, more in hope than expectation. The clouds on the horizon had been gathering. The storm would make landfall imminently. It had been downgraded from … Continue reading IMMORTALITY IN THE MODERN WORLD


'Tick-tock, tick-tock,' went the clock. 'Time's up! Time's up!' cried the People. 'No more! No more!' chanted the Poor. Save me! Save me!' weeped the Earth. 'Me Too! Me Too!' screamed the Victims. Louder and louder the voices grew. Higher and higher the echos reached. Some of the Powerful fell on the sword of justice. … Continue reading TICK-TOCK