The Departure Lounge was rammed with people. The sensible ones carried everything essential in backpacks, others insisted on dragging large suitcases behind them, adding to the gridlock.

Sea-Tac Airport expected the last weekend before Christmas to be busy – it always was – but even the additional check-in staff and baggage handlers were unable to cope after the news broke.

The extra flights to Norway were leaving from every airport in the US and elsewhere around the globe. All manner of aircraft had been enlisted, from massive army Hercules carriers to twin-prop private planes that would need to stop for refuelling along the way.

Teenagers hoping for their first glimpse barged past pensioners hoping to see it one last time. Parents hauled children behind them, unable to make them understand the significance of the moment.

In front of the banks of monitors in the Terminal building the massed ranks kept watch. The weather forecaster confirmed the rumour as fact:

‘It has been officially confirmed that there has been snow in Tromsø, Norway. This is the first recorded snowfall in over fifty years anywhere in the world. Meteorologists on the scene predict it should last until Christmas Day.’

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  1. Interesting thought. By the numbers of people who flocked to Oregon to see the Eclipse I can easily imagine it to be true, should that happen. But, there is no global warming, remember?

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  2. I grew up in the Los Angeles area, where snow is just as uncommon. I remember seeing a news clipping of snow in the town where I lived happening the year before I was born. I really wanted to see snow for myself. I was a teenager before I ever did.

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