They haven't gone, the Christmas Angels.They're hiding from me.Waiting. In the shadows.Ready to step out into the twinkling lights.Reflecting in the dirty puddles.Shimmering and blurred.Walking along the empty streets.The closed shops, the dead cafés.An open door.Please sir, can you help me?An inviting arm around my shoulder.The warmth of the hallway.Shut out the cold Eve.His smiling … Continue reading ALL GONE


Impetuous Iain faced ignominy when, after several false starts, he rashly pinned his lips on Jolly Jennifer's mouth in the middle of the dance floor. The footfall of the crowd faded as onlookers backed away and waited for the bomb to explode, which it duly did. In retaliation, Jennifer delivered several slaps to Iain's head, … Continue reading CHRISTMAS PARTY


10.57 - Pitch Meeting. Christmas Marketing Strategy for a leading supermarket. 'Right, let's hear your ideas.' 'A time to be with loved ones, especially this year.' 'A bit obvious.' 'Great food. Good times.' 'Very trite.' ''Helping You Save Their Christmas'. You know, the parents are superheroes saving it for the kids.' 'Stealing Santa's thunder a … Continue reading THE TRITE MESSAGE OF CHRISTMAS


Heavy snow from the north was sweeping in, the wind was scooping it up and swirling it into a blizzard. He reached the door and was blown inside, a flurry of white accompanying him indoors. The heat thawed him. He shook off his heavy jacket and slipped out of his boots. He put the extra … Continue reading CHRISTMAS IN SASKATCHEWAN