STATE OF DENIAL will be published 5 weeks’ today.

Available to pre-order on Amazon Kindle now!


The paperback version will be published simultaneously on the 27th of September.

22 responses to “NEW BOOK RELEASE – 5 WEEKS TO GO!”

      • Thank you Iain. Take off all the I didn’t really realize how far I had stepped away until I decided to jump in on Friday fictioneers this week and saw that there was only one month gap between my last post and the one I did Friday. You are living the long-time dream I have had to get one of my books published. I think fear is probably my biggest obstacle as I’m afraid that someone’s going to look at me and say no it’s really not good enough. Maybe someone said that to you and you set out to prove them wrong and that maybe the past that I wind up taking when I finally get mine out there.

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      • I can understand your fear but I think at some point you have to believe in yourself and your own ability, and be prepared that some people might not like what you’ve written. You won’t please everyone, but don’t let that stop you. My first book got nowhere with literary agents I sent it to, but I still thought it was good enough, so I self published, and the response from those that have read it has been very encouraging. Just got to take that leap of faith!

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      • Only downside – it’s a crowded market and it’s all up to you to do the promotion and get your book noticed, not easy. But for a first time attempt with no risk involved, pretty good.

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  1. congrats lain –
    and I can do a post on my blog to mention the release (if you want me to – and if so – just shoot me an email with three or four reasons you think someone would enjoy your book)

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