Review: Justified State by Iain Kelly

As well as my new novel being published this week, the first book in the trilogy, ‘A Justified State’ is still available on Amazon and my blogging friend, and fellow novleist Laurie has written a very welcome review on her blog, Rambles, Writing and Amusing Musings. Do check it out!

Rambles, writing and amusing musings

About the book:

The future. The socially reformist Central Alliance Party rules unopposed.

Poverty and homelessness have been eradicated, but overpopulation, an energy crisis and an ongoing war jeopardise the stability of the country.

When a local politician is assassinated, Detective Danny Samson finds himself at the centre of an investigation that threatens not only his life, but the entire future of The State.

My thoughts:

Ah, I love a good sci fi, and I love a good murder mystery. And this is both. A cop drama set in the future… with futuristic technology and privacy concerns over a government state that knows everything about you.

What is intriguing to me is the question… how do you stage the perfect murder and get away with it in a future where every movement is tracked, public transport is recorded, cars are smart and drive themselves, and forensics is a simple matter…

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Guest author: Iain Kelly ~ That Difficult 2nd Novel ~ Writing ‘State of Denial’ #booklaunch

Over on Sue Vincent’s blog, I’ve written a Guest Blog about writing my second novel, ‘State of Denial’, and some of the challenges and ideas involved. Do check it out, and have a look at the new book too, available now on Amazon!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Towards the end of last year I completed and self-published my first novel, ‘A Justified State.’ Even as I was finishing the writing and editing of that story, an idea was growing in my mind to continue the story of the main characters in another novel. After a bit of a break and some complimentary feedback about the first book, at the start of summer I sat down to start writing a sequel.

I had a plot in mind, I knew what I wanted to focus the story on, and I knew where I wanted to pick up the returning characters and where I wanted to take them in their own stories. But I also wanted to ensure that I wasn’t just re-treading the same ideas and stories that I had already explored in ‘A Justified State.’ In order to make sure the new book seemed fresh and stood out…

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State of Denial: Iain Kelly’s new novel for these ‘Interesting Times’

Over on her Wordshamble blog, Lynn has written a great introduction to some of the themes that inspired my latest novel, State of Denial, a political thriller based in an imagined future. Do check it out.

Word Shamble

There’s an old Chinese curse that wishes the unlucky recipient to

Live in interesting times

Now, no one – be they Brexiter, Remainer, environmentalist, climate change denier (Donald Trump, I suspect, might be all of the above, depending on what time of night he’s tweeting and how much cheese he ate before he snuggled up in his jammies) – could say the early 21st century isn’t just that


We have an American President who spills his scrambled brains in public at any time of day or night, who slams a free press and pulls his country back from environmental reforms at a moment of global catastrophe.

We have a British Prime Minister who behaves like a despot, illegally closing parliament when it doesn’t agree with his policies, sacking long time supporters when they do the same, is determined to drag the country towards an economic abyss because his backers…

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