Book Review of Iain Kelly’s “A Justified State”

Another great review for my novel A JUSTIFIED STATE. This one is particularly pleasing because I know James is a big fan of crime, sci-fi and futurist stories, and also because he is really hard to please and likes to find the flaws in any story! So, if he says it’s the only novel you should read this year, it’s quite the compliment!

justified Cover art for Iain Kelly’s novel “A Justified State”

I’ve been following Iain Kelly‘s writing online for a few years now. He and I (along with a bunch of other folks) met while participating in a series of internet writing challenges such as this one. That’s where I found out that he’s the undisputed master of murder mysteries, only in his case, he actually created a series of novels in that genre to prove it.

Finally (given my meager budget), I was able to download a free promotional copy of A Justified State, the first novel in his “The State Trilogy”.

It was amazing.

The story is set slightly in the future in the UK, known as the nameless “state.” The nation is in a conflict with unrevealed adversaries in “The First Strike War,” which is the backdrop for everything that follows.

Police Detective Danny Samson, who…

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6 responses to “Book Review of Iain Kelly’s “A Justified State””

  1. You are totally awesome. I’d be proud to produce a novel half as good. Yes, you’re right. I’m picky to a fault, which means you earned every bit of praise I’ve showered your novel with. Keep on keeping on.

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  2. What a wonderful review! Well deserved and it just makes your heart soar doesn’t it! He nailed it! Keep writing!

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    1. Thank you – not too long now until I can announce book three release 🙂

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      1. Awesome! Needing more books to read as we spend more and more time at home! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂


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