Life’s all about choices.

Take diet: instead of the full fat burger, choose the veggie burger. Instead of wine, water. Instead of chocolate, carrot and dip. Everything in moderation.

Take exercise: instead of sitting in front of the television, choose getting out for a walk or a run.

Take politics: instead of supporting the rich tax avoiders, choose supporting those in need. Instead of voting for the hate-filled right or left extremes, choose a moderate, balanced approach.

Take the pandemic: instead of complaining, choose to wear a mask and stay home.

Life’s all about choices, but it’s also about respecting other people’s choices.

Which is why I choose to avoid most people. Especially those health-obsessed, vegan-munching, facemask wearing, commie freaks.

I’d rather sit in my basement and wait until it’s time for the right choices to be enforced. Bunker down. Our time will come again.

Written for #FOWC, hosted by Fandango Today’s prompt word was: Instead. Click on the link to read more responses to the prompt.


10 responses to “THE TROUBLE WITH CHOICES”

  1. Oh Iain, I just love this ending. ‘Vegan-munching’ – brilliant. Thanks for a happy smile as I sit at my dining table, ready to begin work for Friday. It’s 8.30AM here, I pulled a muscle in my back while washing my hair (yes, I’m clearly aging badly), so your post was gave much needed mirth.

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