She could hear her mother's voice from the grave, 'Is it worth it?' The world tilts out of kilter. Sun sears her eyeballs. Cool tarmac against her face. Shards of broken green glass. A dent in a red metal bin. Memories of the night before. Anger and hatred. Standing firm. Too slow to run. Her … Continue reading THE MORNING AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE


He was happy with his handiwork. Sturdy cages, strong padlocks, each capable of holding two people, three if they were small. Business was booming, extra capacity was needed, the good times were rolling. It had been coming for a while. The overthrow was complete, the government was gone. Now they would experience the real life … Continue reading PROCESSING


'It doesn't even need a scarecrow, it's a wild flower border!' He stormed out the door, to be confronted by the ridiculous face grinning at him, atop patterned dress and handbag. He was all for equality, he was all for ending gender stereotyping, he was right behind the #metoo movement. But her latest statement was … Continue reading UNCIVIL RIGHTS