They emerged from their shelters. Some more guarded than others. The younger ones, of course, were more exuberant. They shook hands, hugged and kissed and breathed in the fresh air.

I squinted into the light and adjusted my facemask with my gloved hands. We had been told it was safe to come back above ground. The virus had gone, the air was safe once more. Did I trust them this time after the mistakes that had been made before? They swore the vaccines worked this time.

We had waited another few days after they had told us it was safe. Caution stemming the desire to see daylight once more. Now I stood and squinted at the bright sky over the hills. It was a long walk back to the city, and who knows what we might find when we got there.

I set off along the track, following the others. There was hope and optimism at least. Guarded optimism.

Copyright Sue Vincent

Written for the #writephoto prompt, hosted by Sue Vincent on her blog Daily Echo. This week’s prompt word, to go with the image, was Guarded.


29 responses to “GUARDED OPTIMISM”

  1. That’s something every vaccine recipient has to consider, isn’t it? Personally, I think things about fertility/tracking etc is mumbo-jumbo but I do think we are yet to see the full effects of the vaccines. But, ultimately, we can choose to live in a permanently locked-down state, or…

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    • I’m very much in the camp of ‘just go and get the vaccine’ and stop all these mad theories. By the time it gets to me I think most people will have had it, so I’ll know if there are any side effects I need to worry about!

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  2. very apt, very powerful, and a bit terrifying because it is so real. I’m on the very high-risk list and awaiting a vaccine having been stuck indoors for months at a time for years, (health and mobility gubbins in an inaccessible home). I had just started getting out more in March last year, and looking to move, but we have been stuck in almost solidly since. I’ve often joked to my husband that it is a horror story waiting to happen, and you wrote it well.

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