Green for Go. The hustle and bustle. The crowded market. The anxiety. Tell yourself they've all been vaccinated. Tell yourself the numbers are small. Faces unmasked. Breathing. Germs. Raw meat. Sweating. Palpitations. Get out. An open street and space. Relax, everything is normal. The green signal flashes. Step out onto the road. The driver doesn't … Continue reading EASING RESTRICTIONS


'It's over.' He tried to remain calm, speaking in an even and clear voice, no raised voices or dramatic gestures. 'Typical!' She yelled her reply, trying to elicit a reaction from him. This was the problem with their relationship - he was always so passionless, so clinical, so frigid. 'Just keep cool.' Over-the-top histrionics, letting … Continue reading DUMPED


Launch trailer for my upcoming new novel, 'State of War': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYY4eR_wsnI   'State of War' is the third and final part of 'The State' trilogy, continuing the story of ex-detective Danny Samson and assassin Gabriella Marino. You can pre-order the eBook now. The paperback will be available to order soon. The State is at war … Continue reading ‘STATE OF WAR’ – LAUNCH TRAILER