For those who follow my blog who might be interested in reading my novels, I’m delighted to announce that The State Trilogy is now available in one complete volume exclusively from Amazon. The State Trilogy: Complete Collection brings together the novels A Justified State, State Of Denial and State Of War in both Amazon Kindle and Paperback editions. The price for buying the complete collection saves a little money compared to buying the novels individually, and is available FREE to those with a Kindle Unlimited account.

Set in the near future, the assassination of a politician triggers a series of events that threatens to bring down the State government in this explosive dystopian thriller series. Detective Danny Samson finds himself at the centre of political scandal and cover-ups as he hunts the mysterious killer Gabriella, with the help of special agent Phillips. Their investigation leads them to the very heart of power, and the disturbing truth about The State. Unfolding over the following years, The State Trilogy will have you gripped from the first page until the end. 

The individual novels remain available as before, on Amazon and from other online book retailers.

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