The woman was dead. The cover-up exposed. Samson strode along the corridor of pillars flanked by his team. This was their moment of triumph, yet there was no celebration in what had happened. Their footsteps reverberated on the stone floor, echoing ominously. They crossed the courtyard and stopped at the heavy arch door. Samson knocked. … Continue reading PILLAR OF THE COMMUNITY


A STORY OF UNDERUTILISATION IN UPPSALA, SWEDEN Sand could have taken a flight to Uppsala from Oslo and been there in under an hour, but these days he was in no rush. It had been a year since he had been put into semi-retirement. After the serial killer Dag Moen had disappeared into the Norwegian … Continue reading U IS FOR UPPSALA, SWEDEN


After the suicide season over Christmas, when the lack of daylight drove depression rates soaring, the thawing of the winter snow was always the next busiest time of year. Anders Sand had already cleared two cases in the past week, bodies unearthed from the retreating white blanket: one a climber who had been missing for … Continue reading THE THAW