My A-Z theme this year is a guide to my trilogy of novels called ‘The State Trilogy’. Set in an unnamed island country known only as ‘The State’, in the imagined near future, the books follow the intertwining stories of a number of characters, principally a State police detective named Danny Samson and an assassin, Gabriella Marino, over a period of six years. It begins with the assassination of an elected official and spirals into revolution and civil war. Part political thriller, action story, war story and dystopian science fiction, the trilogy took three years to complete and the books are available to read now – you can find links to purchase them HERE

In The State Trilogy, ‘K’ stands for:

Kyle: A member of Danny Samson and Gabriella’s band of mercenaries in ‘State of War’. He was recused by them from an abandoned State military base by Gabriella, who was scavenging the base for supplies. He was being held and tortured on charges of spying for the rebels, when the rebels attacked and the State army was forced to retreat. Restored to health, he stays with Gabriella and Danny in Central City to fight for citizens caught up in the war. Although they do not pick sides in the war, Kyle is sympathetic to the rebel’s cause, if not their methods. He is brave, fearless and a reliable lieutenant.

Kruger: Part of Phillips’s inner circle at the top of the rebel commanders. Phillips doubts her commitment as Kruger questions his tactics when they endanger the life of innocent citizens caught up in the fighting. Phillips even suspects her of being a traitor to his cause, but chooses to take her with him and keep her close so he can keep an eye on her. She is diligent and obeys orders, even if she vocally questions the wisdom of them.

Kelvin Mothersby: Kelvin Mothersby is a journalist and reporter for the State-owned television broadcaster, and their correspondent who covers the State Chancellor as part of the press core at the Palace. Although not as cowed as other colleagues, he still tows the line and refuse to question or hold the reigning Chancellor or government to account.

Next up – L is for: Lucinda Románes, Lucas, The Lakes, Laramidia, Lachlan, Doctor Leroy, Loris and Lars James

All the entries in the A-Z of ‘The State Trilogy’ can be found HERE

The books are available from a wide selection of online retailers, including AMAZON

29 responses to “THE STATE TRILOGY A-Z GUIDE: K”

  1. Oh no, I have to skip names now because that first one is definitely a spoiler. Am a few chapters in on the trilogy. Not sure if this is my thing or not. It has a James Bond meets George Orwell feel to it(?) And I like the George Orwell, but not a total, unquestioning James Bond fan. I like the assassin more than the police officer right now. I need to keep reading to find out what happens to her, but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about him. So knowing they have a “team” eventually is like oh, say what now? He’s a little more interesting than I give him credit for…. Maybe. Don’t tell me.

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    • There shouldn’t be anything too spoiler-y in the posts, but perhaps you might prefer not to know too much more before reading. As a fan of Orwell and Bond I quite like the comparison! Hope you come round to Danny, he does go on the biggest ‘journey’ through character development through the 3 books. I won’t say anymore than that!


  2. Hari Om
    Well, I see Anne is ahead of me and also concerned re ‘spoilers’… I am deliberately NOT reading the stories yet – and it will be a couple of months away till I do… by which time, being ‘menosoupal’, all this will be furgutted and it will be as new… YAM xx

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  3. OK. This just proves I have to re-read the first two books and get my tush to buy the 3rd book for Kindle.

    What a great story “bible” if you do go on with Gabriella books.

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    • There’s a particularly awful ‘journalist’ who works in the tabloids over here – Kelvin Mackenzie, so the first name came from him. No idea where Mothersby came from, just made it up! 🙂

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  4. Now I’m intrigued… political thriller, action story, war story and dystopian science fiction — all wrapped up into one gigantic perfect novel. Once blogging month is over, I may be ready to sit down with a good read. I kept skipping over your blog because I knew I would want to keep reading but I’m glad I stopped by.

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    • Thanks for stopping by, so pleased you did and found the posts interesting. Hope you do get the chance to have a read of the books when time allows, and be sure to let me know what you think!

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    • That’s great to hear Jazmin, thank you so much! Be sure to let me know how you get on when you start reading them, or give a little review on Amazon if you enjoy them! 🙂


  5. It must be both fun and challenging to create so many unique and varied characters for your books. I often read about how writers often develop a lot of back story and history for their characters that doesn’t even make it into the books. Have you found that to be the case? Weekends In Maine

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    • Yes, absolutely. With a lot of the supporting characters there was lots of back story that never got mentioned, and a lot of those characters I never got to use as much as I wanted too – lots of stuff cut to keep the word count reasonable and the plot driving forward. Who knows, I may use them again for another book!

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