Written as part of the A-Z blogging challenge, here is an A to Z guide of The State Trilogy novels, including character profiles, locations, themes and bits and pieces of the writing and publishing process.

A-Z 2021 Theme Reveal

A is for Assassin, Amazon, Appalachia, Archie Cancio, African Union, Architecture and Advertising
B is for Beginnings, Bruce, Byron ‘Buzz’ Mayfield, and Billings, Montana
C is for Central City and Capital City, Central Alliance Party, Casper, Cassandra ‘Cas’ Ford, Climate Change
D is for Danny Samson, Donald Parkinson, Diabetes
E is for Eilidh, Elections, Editing, European Union, Elisabeth Sand
F is for Franklin Samson, First Strike War, The Fort, Future
G is for Gabriella Marino, Glasgow, Great Britain, Giesler, Genetics
H is for Heroism, Henrik James, Hassan, Hanlen Samson, HighLand City, Hansel, Hassan, Harris Ellroy, Horace Frinks
I is for The Independents, Immigration and Isolationism, Isla Samson, Ishmael Nelson
J is for Journalism, Jai Li, Jarrod and Jonas, Julius, Jenny, John Curran, Johnathan Sadiq, Janette Michaels
K is for Kyle, Kruger, Kelvin Mothersby
L is for Lucinda Románes, Lucas, The Lakes, Laramidia, Lachlan, Doctor Leroy, Loris, Lars James
M is for Maxine Aubert, MidLands City, Matthias, Mitchell
N is for Nuclear, Names
O is for Oppression
P is for Politics, Phillips, Publishing and Promotion, Power, Patrick Donovan, Pandemic
Q is for Quasimo
R is for Rosalind Samson, Rona, Revolution and Rebellion, Religion, Rodrigo, Rome, Reviews, River
S is for The State, Senate, Science Fiction, Scotland, Skye and Skylar, Suicide, Sales
T is for Tania Childe, Tyrell and Tia, Transport, Technology, Teddy Davies, Timothy Pigeon
U is for United States of America, Union of Socialist States
V is for The Village, Verona, Video
W is for Weather, War, Wilderness, Writing
X is for Xavier, Xenophobia
Y is for Yesteryear
Z is for Zeb, Zhonghua Republic

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