Locked in the attic again, Anna incanted the spell from the book once more. Nothing happened.

She threw the heavy tome out the window in frustration.

Her stepfather was in the garden.

The police ruled accidental death. They never found the object that had caused the blow to his head.


Written for the Scottish Book Trust’s monthly 50-word story competition. November’s topic is to write a story about ‘a powerful book’. There is a chance you could win a mug: more details HERE.

10 responses to “KARMA”

  1. Nice!

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  2. Great little tale. One little note though…the word tomb should have been tome.

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    1. Thanks, corrected 🙂

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  3. Magic spells work in mysterious ways… 😉 Good one!

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  4. Still excellent through a second read, a truly good sign. Bravo, Iain!

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    1. Thanks John, tricky to fit much into 50 words but I do think I managed a decent effort here.


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