They wait. Rain starts to fall, umbrellas unfurl. The leaves overhead are golden-brown, autumnal. It seems appropriate. The mood is patient. They've waited this long, what's another hour or two? Most are elderly. The young can't stand around like this, they have to keep moving, keep hustling, to get through the day. A shuffle forward, … Continue reading THE WAIT


Can you hold up a mirror to yourself and say that you are entirely innocent? That you are not in some way to blame? That was the thought that had brought Dominic out onto the street. He hadn't been the one shouting, taunting, calling her the names: 'Fatty', 'Chunk', 'Porky.' He hadn't laughed while watching … Continue reading MIRROR, MIRROR


The span of their lives ran together. Born within minutes of each other in the same city, they attended different schools separated by only one block, divided more by religious difference than geography. They found each other through mutual friends in their teenage years, growing closer with every trip to the park, visit to the … Continue reading LIFESPAN