Should he tell her?

How to tell her?

It might more harm than help.

On the other hand, if he leaves it unsaid and someone else mentions it…

What a fix.

There can be no winner in this situation.

He can’t let it go on like this.

Honesty is the best policy.

‘Darling, I’m not sure that dress is the right fit any longer.’

The awkward silence is deafening.

The stare is deadly.

Written for The Daily Post – AwkwardΒ prompt: write a new post to the one-word prompt. Click on the link to learn more about the challenge.

32 responses to “THE DAILY POST: AWKWARD”

  1. In that situation, better to say something. At least, I would want the head’s up. I wouldn’t want to hear it, but I’d want the head’s up.

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  2. And there was I thinking she’d come back from the loo, skirt tucked into knickers. It is always better to know. Really, she might have stared silently, but that’s probably because she was thinking, ‘Why now?,’ like he should have told her before she got too big for it. And maybe a better approach would have bene to suggest the washing machine shrank it.

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