'Don't mind that,' she said, guiding him through the hallway and round the shattered remains of a mirror. 'Just through there,' she pointed him through a glass door whose splintered panes were held together by sticking tape. 'Take a seat,' she smiled at him. He looked at the living room strewn with broken chairs, a … Continue reading ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE


'You don't think the mountain range is enough to keep them out?' 'Nope,' Frank spat as he knocked in the last fence post. 'But if they manage to get over that,' Giles pointed to the tall peaks in the distance, 'then this fence isn't going to stop them.' Frank threw down the hammer and looked … Continue reading CANADIAN ROCKIES RETIREMENT HOME


Mary was as surprised as her gawking neighbours when the string of black vans pulled up outside her house with a screech of tyres and flashing lights. Armed MI5 agents rushed across her perfectly manicured lawn and flowerbeds, surrounding the house. 'Come out now. Hands where we can see them!' Instinctively she raised her hands … Continue reading POTTERING IN THE GARAGE